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Tips for a Successful School Visit

Advance planning

  • Complete the Schedule a Visit with Nancy Carol Willis form and send it via e-mail, fax or snail mail (Nancy will send you an information packet).
  • Send Nancy a detailed schedule prior to her visit. The schedule should include special activities or events, such as: lunch with the students, evening activities, assemblies, reading over the PA system, etc.
  • Allow 10 to 15 minutes between sessions for Nancy to go to the potty and get off her feet.
  • Send Nancy detailed travel plans prior to her visit.
  • Call to confirm all plans.
  • Request an invoice or Social Security Number prior to the visit, so that a check can be ready the day of Nancy's visit.

Getting your school ready for the visit

  • Read Nancy's books to the students and get them excited about her visit.
  • Send the Book Order forms (provided in your information packet) home with the students in time to have them returned prior to Nancy’s visit. (Books can be shipped in advance.)
  • Contact the local media regarding a news article or photo. Promote the visit with parents, teachers and the community.

The day of the visit

  • Provide someone to serve as host or hostess for the day. This person should be responsible for the following: transporting Nancy from her hotel to the school (and back), introducing her to each class in a fun and exciting way, showing her around the school (bathroom, lunch room, etc.)
  • Have the room set up according to the Room Arrangements provided in the information packet. If the room is large or noisy (furnaces, fans, etc.), provide Nancy with a lapel microphone – she moves around a lot.
  • Have teachers remain with their students at all times and remedy any disruptive behavior. If possible, have the students wear name tags.
  • Provide a lunch. Cafeteria food is okay; real food is even better!
  • Please have Nancy's check ready by the end of her visit.

Book sales and signings

  • Nancy will ship books prior to her visit.
  • Provide Nancy with the order forms and checks or cash grouped by room number.
  • Book signings may be scheduled a number of ways. An hour may be scheduled in the library for students to come one class at a time in 10-minute intervals; or, Nancy can simply sign the books during an extended lunch break. The host/hostess can deliver them to each classroom at the end of the day.

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